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Commercial Kitchen and Extraction Duct System Cleaning

We understand that most businesses cannot afford to stop trading whilst they take the time to have their kitchen appliances professionally cleaned. It’s time consuming, a health and safety nightmare and, let’s face it, it takes a great deal of time and effort that could be better spent running your business.

Having said that, it is a necessary job and you are required by law to uphold a high level of standard when it comes to any foodservice or catering establishment.

The Oven Valeting Company have been cleaning commercial ovens, grills and other industrial catering appliances for over ten years. We are professional, efficient and we are very good at it. We use non-toxic, non-caustic cleaning solutions that enables you to start cooking and preparing food on your surfaces immediately after we are done.

We can clean your cookers, salamander grills, deep fat fryers, extractor units out of hours and even schedule night cleaning at your convenience so you can always be open.

Commercial Oven Valeting

The Oven Valeting Company are also able to provide you with reputable and expert advice on how frequently you should clean your extraction units, and we can arrange a cleaning and maintenance schedule to clean these units for you.

Dirt and grim in a Commercial Kitchen can lead to an increase in the risk of Contamination, Fire and – most importantly – put your business at risk to the compliance of Health and Safety regulations. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your equipment can provide many benefits such as lower insurance premiums, improved hygiene standards, and improved ventilation for smoke and odour removal.

clean your extraction units
Commercial Kitchen

We have the expertise to maintain and get back the level of cleanliness of expensive commercial catering equipment so as to ensure maximum operating efficiency. We will dismantle and thoroughly deep clean all commercial catering equipment including cookers and hobs, deep fat fryers, extractor canopies and salamander grills.

Spettro Duct Clean

Experts in extraction system cleaning. For all your kitchen extraction cleaning keeping you safe & legal we work with our customers to make all commercial kitchens safe and comply with insurance demands. Don’t get caught out we do free assessments why take a chance, call and talk to us today. For more information on what we do please take a look at our services.

Commercial Duct Cleaning Services